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16 Differentiated Instruction Strategies  || Ideas and inspiration for teaching GCSE English || ||

Task Implement effective instructional practices - I would use this in my classroom because it gives over 16 Differentiated Instruction Strategies to use. I like how each one is different but still helps out each student and the teacher.

A different way to give out class jobs

Job chart superhero theme- I am thinking about changing this up and using actual pictures of the children in the classroom. I wish I would have found this a year ago!

Super Smart Idea!! Then you don't have to put up with shouting students about what they need....or students who get up and walk around the room!

These hand signals can prevent distractions in the classroom when the students are working silently. Teaching Standard IV Learning Environment, Element teachers manage the learning environment for the effective operation of the classroom.

How do you introduce the parts of speech using games? Read about lots of free. fun games I like to use in my classroom.

We could make this picture to have kids put this in their binders. This may help people who have trouble remembering what a conjunction is, they can remember fanboys by a picture!