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EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL WHEN YOU'RE A WOMAN hand stitched adjustable black cap

Don't tell me to stop being political cause it's "unattractive", I find ur misogynistic views "unattractive" so maybe u should go and take a long, hard look in that mirror, an instrument used to make women feel self-conscious on a day to day basis.

vergess: wetwareproblem: barbidreamdumpster:...

Soooooo SAD & NOT TRUE! I vote for the rights & equality of all human beings regardless or race, color, sexual preference or financial condition!

the first gay pride was a riot started by trans women of color

imaculiada: “ We would not have marriage equality if it weren’t for two transgender women of color rioting against police brutality in (x) ”

Transphobia is a real thing, and is so much more common that I believed, even 3 months ago. All women, trans or cis, are women and deserve to be treated as such.