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Modern blocky nursery decor....the Alphabet has never been this on point

Big and Tall Blocks

Modern blocky nursery decor....the Alphabet has never been this on point


TOTO The Toy Totem

Out of stock, but more on the way. New orders will ship from the 10th July. New Edition TOTO The Toy Totem is a stacking toy, puzzle & sculpture. It's simple, adorable and has many different looks! You can stack them in a variety of arrangements to create a new TOTO. However you choose to stack your TOTO there is always a sense of delicate visual balance. Includes: 3 vertical & 3 horizontal ovoids with 1 base Height 13.8 inch / 35 cm Solid Beech Wood Made in Germany

Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design For Kids

Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design For Kids

Tata Kids Design - Unconventional design for Kids



black and white decor


*Postaus toteuttu yhteistyössä Naked Lunge yrityksen kanssa Nyt paljastuu mitä niissä edellisen postauksen paperikääreissä oikein olikaan. Saimme paketin taitavalta Roxanna Websterilta, Brittiläisen nettikaupan Naked Lungen omistajalta ja paketin sisältö oli kyllä ihan kaikkien meidän mieleen! Naked Lunge tekee siis uniikkeja käsitöitä, nukkeja omien toiveiden mukaisesti, ihania tyynyjä, paperikoristeita, printteja...ja vaikka mitä! Nämä ihanat pikkuiset nuket tehdään alusta saakka käsin…

Anthropologie kids; Stack & Scare Blocks

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Chloeuberkid: Playroom || La Petite Blog

Chloeuberkid: Playroom (la petite magazine)

Welcome to our playroom… this is my favourite room of the house and the most used (the messiest). My favourite thing about it has to be the units that literally hide all the toys that no matter how ha

Cool paintable animal puzzle- elephant

Wooden Puzzle, Educational Toy, Plywood Jigsaw, Animal Puzzle, Wooden Puzzle for Children, Kids Gift, animal zoo

The puzzles are often mass produced in painted wood, so that all the puzzles are the same everywhere, but not Zoomaderita Collection! Inspired by iconic animals adored in our childhood, these sculptures of birch plywood are composed only of two identical parts. Children can play, fit them or paint them in their favorite color, as they imagination dictates. Zoomaderita comes in 8 different animals to complete an original zoo. Eight models available: elephants, birds, horses, foxes, snakes…

States Blocks by House Industries

states blocks

States Blocks by House Industries

states blocks

Minimalist Childrens Toys: Machi by Kukkia

Minimalist Children's Toys: Machi by Kukkia

Minimalist children's toys made of tactile and vividly-colored shapes called Machi designed by Japanese-based firm Kukkia. Fun and visually stimulating.