I luv Jiraiya.
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Naruto Uzumaki --> Oh... Somebody's been eating there Wetabix

Me: Pose sexy for me, Naruto~. Naruto: Wait, what? Me: C'mon, I'll give you ramen~! Naruto: Okay *smiles, run a hand through his hair and pose* Me: *fangirl scream* F*uck yeah! *faint* Naruto: *catchs me smiling* Hey! My ramen!

Tsunade - Sakura, Jiraiya - Naruto #sensei #shippuden

Even their relationship was the same. Girl loves another guy while the true hero loves her and the years go by but he never stops loving her even though the feeling aren't reciprocated T^T (This is too much!

Não rebaixe aqueles que te criaram, pois sei que eles fizeram um esforço enorme pra te trazer para esse mundo para ser a nova geração que vai mudar o universo desse mundo, assim como esses pais mesmo sendo fictícios, fizeram de tudo pra que esse menino adorável nascesse e crescesse como a nova geração, e olha onde ele foi parar ...

*sniffle* if u've read Naruto know T_T The things Parents do for their child used my artistic license is added a few things here and there lol enjoy

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