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This is random guy that leaves random peices of advice to the league. He joined after 3 months if the league being formed. No one knows his name but, they do know that he is the best fighter there.

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Cute Girls

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Emo is a short form of emotional. Emo girl pictures are loved by teen girls. Mostly teen girls of western countries are emo. Emo girls are very emotional and

pastelbat: My outfit today (ෆ❛ั◡❛ัෆ) I tried to make buns with my glw wig (。Ő౪Ő。)

Cute Girls

candied-aliens: pastelbat: My outfit today☆彡 Headband:by irodohieru Wig: gothiclolitawigs Sweater:banana fish Tights:Topshop Shoes: tuk (they are sold out so don’t ask me where you can buy them cause i don’t know Σ(゚д゚lll)) you are so cute omg