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"Solstice Gathering"

The girl offered the dragonnett some the branches she had gathered in her basket. That's what they called tiny dragons. "Solstice Gathering" By English Artist Anne Stokes.

H-Hello. I'm Jinxx. They p-put Me here b-because they s-say I see t-things t-that aren't real. Like m-my wolf.. he's b-big, grey and I call h-him Jupiter. T-they say Im j-just imagining h-him..  They s-say I'm insane and I-I'm a danger to t-this world. I d-don't believe anything t-they say. If y-you ever need me, I'll b-be in a l-locked room at t-then end of a-a hall.

This is an artwork that I have just completed. I think wolves are wonderful creatures and although from the real world I hope this composition implies an element of fantasy by the character's unusu.