Oliwia Podlasiewicz
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Drawing - white pencil on black paper

Ballerina 1 - White Pencil on Black Paper Image

Yellow Labrador Retriever Print of Watercolor Dog Painting by EdieFaganArt on Etsy Houston loves his pet portrait - he is the perfect yellow lab puppy.

Artist Megan Burford - Labrador Retriever painting

A ballerina study completed with black and white charcoal pencil for the Sketching on Coloured Ground course on ArtTutor.com

From sketch to signature - how to paint horses with Tony O'Connor whitetreestudio.ie

horse, Art studio Tony O'Connor whitetreestudio.ie . Please also visit www.JustForYouPropheticArt.com for colorful, inspirational art and stories. Thank you so much!