I Will Improve. I haven't had the biggest issue with this but it is very important to make sure that your self esteem and self love are strong so you don't have to ration through a storm of stress

Actually food restores a broken heart pretty well.<<<but food is only a stack of 64 and if ur gone in the mines for awhile u eventually run out of food and a zombie or skeleton can attack u.-Foxy

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This too shall pass. Breathe. Be gentle with yourself. It can and it will get better. #anxiety #breathe #hope

Every heartache will fade away just like every storm runs runs out of RAIIINN! Every Storm (Runs out of Rain)- Gary Allan

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This was a Copy cat (hehe). I thought it would be perfect for this situation. I feel like she's would be dying in her room after this.

Druga taka jak ja To niemożliwe ...

Druga taka jak ja To niemożliwe .

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You don't have to know everything about my life.

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On the left the paw of a Gray wolf (Canis lupus), on the right the hand of Jim Dutcher, a large, grown up man. To give you an impression how big Gray wolves are. Another comparison here Picture by Jim and Jamie Dutcher