Oliwia Dobrowolska

Oliwia Dobrowolska

Oliwia Dobrowolska
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red umbrella- ombrello rosso - fotografia in bianco e nero

Contrast: This photgraph is a wonderful example of contrast. this photo shows two diffrent eliments and puts them together. the black park with the red umbrella in the middle creates a contrast of color creates a visual clarity.

to everyone i'm just someone they used to know

In this image, the blur of people moving around in the crowd makes it look interesting, but it is also focusing on particular people who are standing, walking, moving in what looks like a busy area. A slow shutter speed is used in this image.

opposition in #whiteandblack

photography drawing Illustration art Black and White white face painting vintage sixties black mirror portrait Equality woman eyelashes contrast seventies body paint anti racism white face face painting black face Against Racism