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"Every awful thing that has ever happened to me, all the pain I have had in my life, All the loneliness, isolation, the humiliation, the shame, I would go through them all again in a moment if I knew I had him at the end. It would have all been worth it to spend the rest of my life with someone like that." - Ranata Suzuki

He Is the First Person I Would Say This About and I Cry as I Write This but Every Awful Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me All the Pain I Have Had in My Life All the Loneliness Isolation the Humiliation the Shame the Horrible Things That Have Been Done to

Rape culture is disgusting and rapists are not human beings. They're animals and need to be treated like that, i.e. When an animal hurts a human, it is "put down".

why the hell did her boyfriend break up with her as the man of their now broken relationship he shouldve got mad and defensive of his girlfriend being violated not about her so called " cheating " on him.