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'The Lego Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.

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Krieg the psycho - Borderlands 2


Love this illustration of Walter White from Breaking Bad by Adipurba, check out more of his work!

walter white | Tumblr

walter white | Tumblr

Borderlands 2 - Handsome Jack by Amir Mohsin

Part of a series of Borderlands characters I did.

Borderlands | Zer0

Borderlands 2 - by Eugeny Matyushinski

Krieg the psycho - Borderlands 2

Private commission is completed.nbsp; The last drawing of lil Clementine i think.nbsp; And, its really teasing me, cause its very hot here, want a bit of cold and snow...nbsp; Photoshop cs6n...

There so much walking dead game fan art, it's really good

Throne of Games

Artist Aaron Jasinski created a brilliant Game of Thrones / Super Mario Brothers / Donkey Kong mashup painting titled Throne of Games for The Old School Video Game Art Show: Level 2 opening Friday, October 2012 at Venice in Santa Monica, C

The very worst part of it all was putting Grey Wind's head on Robb's body.  He was just a boy, & it wasn't enough for him to die in pure agony... they had to butcher him & his direwolf & make a mockery of him.

King in the North ~ Robb Stark ~ Game of Thrones Very beautiful, makes me want to cry every time I see it.