Wood figures by Yen Jui Lin

Wood figures by Yen Jui Lin These remind me of Olly the Onion & co.

Wooden figures to use with storytelling

Ostheimer-Figures are hand-crafted in Germany, the wood comes from sustainable domestic forestry.

Modern Wooden Nativity - OILED, Wood Nativity, Nativity Set, Nativity Scene, Nativity Figures, Nativity Silhouette, Wood Figures by LovingWoodCom on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/210495731/modern-wooden-nativity-oiled-wood

Wooden nativity set which joins tradition and modern minimalist design in a simple nativity silhouette. :: via etsy


Scrambled Wood 4 Pack - Series 1

Everyone meet “Auggie”, he is the first of 4 in a Premium Mini Figure collection named “Scrambled Wood series” from Cameron & Rachael at Wood Candy Workshop.