Rossalie Lewandowsky

Rossalie Lewandowsky

Rossalie Lewandowsky
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Hazel Grace (TFIOS), Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson), Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), Tris Prior (Divergent), Clary Fray (Shadowhunters), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Susan Pensieve (Chronicles of Narnia)

I love that they included Susan from Narnia! She was my favorite growing up bc of how brave she was. She was a born leader plus she's GORGEOUS! All of these women are absolutely amazing and such an inspiration!

I love them so much, they always think about their fans even when their dad has cancer, Grayson has anxiety and Ethan doesn't get enough sleep. They are amazing people and should get told that WAY more often

I literally cried, because I didn't see them live and that's all I want just to see them in person would make me the happiest person ever.

The Dolan Twins.. I'm sorry that's the cutest thing I've ever seen

The Dolan Twins. I'm sorry that's the cutest thing I've ever seen

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