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two pictures one has a cow statue and the other has a flower pot
OMG Mrr Cows! Samanthaaaaaaaaaaaa!
a potted plant that is sitting on a wooden table in the shape of a cartoon character
Crafts Home
Goofy Clay Pots - Garden Decoration - planter - yard art - terracotta pots craft - image only
several different types of wooden trays sitting on top of a stone floor next to each other
Making a Sturdy Train Planter From Crates - 7 Fun Steps
Transform Old Crates into a Train Planter Here's a fun garden idea! This train planter is easy to make and is just made out of old crates! Do you know anyone who will love this garden project?
an old watering can is used as a planter on the deck for flowers and herbs
Water Can
several pictures of different types of planters made out of pallets and wooden crates
The WHOot
Crate Train Tutorial
two white wooden carts with flowers in them
Chupp chuppp, viajeros al tren?
a wooden planter sitting on the side of a house
We built this planter with wood reused from a deck tear-down. The reeds have spread to fill it and have managed to do pretty well in spite of our lack of rain. They are looking forward to a wetter winter.....
the diy project is made from old pallets
13 Perfected Pallet Projects
13 Perfected Pallet Projects. DIY, DIY home projects, home décor, home, dream home, DIY. projects, home improvement, inexpensive home improvement, cheap home DIY.
a wooden shelf filled with plants next to a building
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Home Decor Ideas with Wood PalletSource by loriarcher80