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In hopes of reuniting with his sister, Satya (Symmetra), Aros has volunteered to join Vishkar corporations' secret task force. This elite Black Ops uses hard-light technology for military purposes and helps carry out the hidden agenda of the

ArtStation - Overwatch Concept - Kechak, Kenny Kong

After donning a mask and cloak from his native Bali, Kechak uses his powers to entrance his enemies and shoot them with darts from his futuristic blow-gun.

ArtStation - Overwatch Concept - Kenyatta, Kenny Kong

A Numbani warrior, Kenyatta has vowed to protect her people, using her throwing spears to repel her enemies.

overwatch fan art

Now all we need is for this skin is when Soldier uses his ultimate, he says"I've got thee in my sights" then puts a monocle up to his eye.

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