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Avi... He looks like the old guy from the Pixar short in a bugs life!

imweird-dealwithit: “timeforourweeklyobsessions: “ thats-fcute: “ starvationstationrhythmnation: “ hashtagfcute: “ channeling Mitch Grassi ” I STILL CANT DEAL WITH THIS ” no stop STOP ” I.

I'm going through a gif phase...but I mean come on:)

but I mean come on:) yasssssssssss Avi work it.

Oh. Pentatonix

Read Chapter Canvas from the story The Dog Days Are Over (Avi Kaplan FANFIC) - Book 1 by Lannist (Jackie) with reads.

KERMIT YOU GO SECOND ([x] Avi you’re too adorable)

Avi you’re too adorable! *catches kiss* *keeps it forever*

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why did he have to lose so much weight and grow the pornstache when you can actually grow a real beard?

His laugh!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

I love how he scrunches up His nose like a little bunny when he laughs.