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I could feel the beat throbbing in my ears. It transported me from the state I was in. contemporary ballet

Don't ever put a dancer in a box. But sometimes to be able to dance out of the box, is to first learn how to dance in a box.

Would love for the girls to do this with one of their grad pics. Maybe lean up to see their faces?

Dancing, a important thing in culture. A couple of years ago I danced myself. And this picture describes the dance styles I love the most. Ballet, because it can really tell a story. But hip-hop, because it brings along a positive vibe.

Hip Hop Dance Team in College...Dance Linx

Dancing HIP-HOP: Early styles of hip-hop like uprock, breaking, popping, locking, and boogaloo were all created by Black Americans who lived in California. It became popular around they all have similar music origin and began on the streets.