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two donuts with white frosting on them and a teddy bear made out of doughnuts
a teddy bear burger with french fries and ketchup on a wooden table top
pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips on top are sitting on a plate next to strawberries
there are many small dumplings in the wooden trays with little faces on them
some fried food is on a black and white tray next to a cutting board with holes in it
Food aesthetic
four slices of cake decorated with different types of jellys and cats on top of each other
two hands holding up some fried food rings
there are many small pastries on a cooling rack with a smiley face in the middle
Octopus buns // IG @lilsuey
some food in a wooden bowl with sushi and vegetables on the side, including broccoli
a white plate topped with fruit covered in icing next to a cup of milk