Aleksandra Tomkowiak

Aleksandra Tomkowiak

Aleksandra Tomkowiak
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Uh-huh, you've had an exclusive/possessive sexual and romantic relationship with him for four years, now, but still not into guys, sure. We believe you.

Junjou Romantica - This is First and Second season Misaki. By season he's admitting what they are ♥

Vincent, Charles, Grell, Ciel, Sebastian and Undertaker

Black Butler A fantastic manga with young earl Ciel Phantomhive and his demonic butler Sebastian who solve various cases for the Queen of England, running into lots of memorable and quirky characters along the way.

Francis - Art by wstask #Hetalia #France

Francis~ I don't usually like men with long hair but Francis is definitely an acceptation. Long hair turns me on.

"ja guten tag i'm buff too" "lud it's my time to shine" "doITSU" "SHUT UP KIKU" The fact that Italys a woman makes it better >w<