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an art installation with blue and black paper on the wall, in a white room
Exercice de Style
Exercice de Style
a white wall with two pictures hanging on it's sides and a black and white photo in the middle
Jacopo Miliani. Piece 2.2010
an empty room with several different types of glass
Credit to the Edit °2
El crédito al Editar ° 2, CNEAI, 2014 | MOREpublishers
some clothes are hanging on poles in an empty room with white walls and flooring
pop-up concept store | "cos" | milan
a coat hanging from hooks in front of an open door with other items on the floor
BFC & GQ London Collections Men // COMMERCIAL — sarah parker creative portfolio
British Fashion Council & GQ - Sarah Parker Creative #design #allestimento #vetrina
cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other in a warehouse with the words rough and smooth
Tom Dixon Milan Design Week Signage
a clothing store with marble walls and wooden tables
Rei’s Little Helpers
Sacai at Dover Street Market
an artistic photo of clothes hanging in front of a mirror with lights on the wall
Studded Hearts
CHANEL pop-up shop
an open room with clothes hanging on racks
Gallery of Shonen Junk / studio#201 - 5
Shonen Junk / studio 201
the interior of a store with red and white geometric designs on the walls, flooring and shelves
FRGM :01
Shop, 2014