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The Best List of 24 December Activities {Free Printables}

In this post, you will see a list of 24 Christmas activities and printables that are free or nearly free that you & your children can enjoy year after year.

The Most Complete U.S. Coin Unit {Free Printables}

Are you ready for an awesome unit? We can't wait for you to see what we did and for you to get the complete FREE printable set so you can learn about the U. coins, learn to label and even play the super fun coin trivia game.

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Homeschool Used Curriculum and Material For Sale - Montessori and Traditional - Live and Learn Farm

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Spiders, Spiders and More Spiders! (Link Party - The Natural Homeschool

How to Teach Children to Compose Their Own Music

Have you been wanting to incorporate the Fine Arts into your homeschool? Here is the most fun and easiest way to have children tap into their creativity and inspirational reservoirs to create awesome music.