Ola Karasińska

Ola Karasińska

Ola Karasińska
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Manor pet housing for the hay rack and litter box. Indoor rabbits still need as much space as outdoor rabbit so this is still small especially for 4 rabbits I imagine

I'm against caging rabbits because there's NO NEED for it, but this would make a nice play area, I would just leave the door open.

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Pet Interiors want for lovers of Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair, which no longer vile their guinea pig wrapped in plastic in a corner to see but the rodent apartment design needs to focus the own four walls - want style .

This is the colour I want/have half the time.

With this fall hair color ideas you really going to give your hair an entire makeover, but you are likely to also alter the also change the direction you feel from inside and out.