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Petyr Baelish (7x7) :'(

'Game of Thrones': Littlefinger actor Aidan Gillen says his death 'was inevitable' — USA TODAY

Screencap Meme - Body Parts + Petyr Baelish. My favorites.

Screencap Meme - Body Parts + Petyr Baelish

'Game of Thrones' Season All the Episode Photos

Ekki Mukk (2012)  Featuring music by Icelandic rockers Sigur Ros, acting by Aidan Gillen and the voice of folk legend Shirley Collins, the film is a magical odyssey through the British countryside, following a man's search for his way home.   Director: Nicholas Abrahams Writer: Nicholas Abrahams Stars: Shirley Collins, Aidan Gillen

Nick Abrahams was recently winner of the British Council Best Short Film of the year award for his film Ekki Mukk starring Aidan Gillen (The Wire/Game of Thrones) and t…