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Always find a reason to smile

Always find a reason to smile<<< his puppy dog eyes got my god danget! I smiled when my friends know I'm mad they make a puppy face it always makes me smile.

Those ocean eyes. He knows how to make me cry when he has tears in his beautiful eyes. When he cries on camera, I will probably cry too

He's running his fingers through his hair, sighing, grimacing at every thought that causes him the least bit of stress. and then he sees you, and his face simply lights up.

jacksepticeye (@Jack_Septic_Eye) | Twitter

Jacksepticeye got glasses! I didnt think he could be any more adorable until I saw this! haha :) guys with glasses turn me on!

Sean with glasses!!!

Sean with glasses!>>> Or Jack with glasses. He'll always be Jack to me, sorry Sean. I can't help it