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The conversation between me and my non-kpop friends. Bwahahahahaha.

Me with all my non-kpop friends.but then after this, I freak out cause they actually want to listen to kpop.which never happens ya' know?

I haven't seen this Korean Drama.. But just looking at him, I get it. lol

I haven't seen this Korean Drama. But if this was one of my favourite kpop idols I would totally feel the same way XD

The basics ( I didn't know I knew so much!)

k-drama worked for me and now thanks to j-drama I can say all those in Japanese too :D ~victory pose~ feeling proud > learning without a class

I wish I could lol cx

Well let me say I sneaked onto a plane in a persons suitcase and entered a plane and had to do the same process back but I needed a little duct tape