Jeremy the Bear, (originally Colargol, by Olga Pouchine), taken by jmv

Ryszard Kaja, Pacanow, Polish Promotion Poster

Pacanow Koziolek Matolek Check also other posters from PLAKAT-POLSKA Original Polish poster autor plakatu: Ryszard Kaja data druku: 2014 wymiary plakatu: ok.

PRL poster

Kill the Colorado beetle! The Soviet dominated Eastern European nations blamed their potato beetle infestation on the United States.

Martial law in Poland

1981 - One of the most symbolic pictures of Martial Law in Poland. Soldiers are staying in front of the Moscow cinema. The irony is that there is a poster for the movie "Apocalypse Now," which generally reflects the situation in Poland .

Waiting in lines for everything (toilet paper, bread, meat, shoes. etc.)

People queuing for toilet paper, Poland, exact date unknown,