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BRIDE CHECKLIST! What to bring and wear to your bridal appointment. Wedding dress shopping is pretty different from regular old clothes shopping. Here are some helpful tips so you you'll love dress shopping--and won't have any embarrassing surprises.

From experience on the opposite side, I cannot stress this checklist enough, do not go blindly into your first appointment! Plus you'll feel better knowing all the key parts flow together. Ps we're going bridal lingerie shopping first, biggest mistake p

This list is such a life-saver!  12 things you might have forgotten to do right before your wedding.

This list is such a life-saver! Last minute wedding checklist - great for someone as forgetful as me

Ideal Wedding Timeline

"You must know exactly what your wedding day will be like, right?"It's a question I hear pretty often when folks first find out what I do. A perfectly logical assumption, I get to see SO many wedding ideas on a weekly basis, I can just pick and choose th