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OMG i really hope this will be al the Kwami!!!!!  | Miraculous Ladybug

Okay, so I have a theory that Peacock is Adrian's twin sister, Alaina, Volpina (the actual hero the fix kwami turns its owner into) is Alya, and the bee is just undetermined. BEST Miraculous Ladybug • Chat Noir • Marinette • Adrien Agreste • Lady Noir • Adrinette • Ladrien • MToLaCN FANART ♥

Read Capítulo 3 (Primera parte) from the story Prodigiosa: Las Aventuras De Ladybug Y Chat Noir (Temporada *Completa* by TheDreamyLadybug (💕Lorena💕) with.

Olaf from Disneys Frozen

Olaf from Disney's animated cartoon "Frozen". Olaf is an adorable character that was brought to life by Elsa, by the he loves summer which is so ironic. If you have not seen Frozen it's a must see cartoon and now you know a little about Olaf.

Marinette and Cat Noir

_ do not read if not wanted to be informed A balcony scene like this is expected to be shown on MLB season 2 that will be here until July of