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Prompt -- thousands of years ago, dragons agreed to take human form. today they are holding a secret meeting
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Pre-Writing Task #3: Do Your Homework on Your Characters (in 3 Parts) Part 1: Character Backstory Plot and character work hand in hand. You can’t fully understand where your plot needs to go until you understand the characters who will be driving it. Start your exploration of character by investigating your protagonist’s backstory. Remember, however, that a character’s backstory only matters insofar as it affects the main conflict. Ask the following questions: What events in the characte...
Holiday Writing Prompts Part 3-Dec 2016-As she walked towards the exit of her favorite coffee shop, she glanced down at her cup.
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Is your story dragging? Learn 5 strategies for increasing your story's tension…
This would probably be more for developing your skills than actually producing a coherent story. : )