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pin advent calendar

Make a simple and beautiful advent calendar using matchboxes. DIY a stylish advent calendar and count the days until Christmas!

Learn how to make a DIY Advent Calendar out of matchboxes. You fill each matchbox with a delightful challenge you can do with your kids. When they complete a challenge they get to turn the matchbox around, revealing a new Santa on the other side. This Advent Calendar is just one of the many crafts, activities, and tutorials you can check out on Lost My Name's Clever Ideas blog.

A mini DIY Christmas advent calendar with 24 days of smiles. On the first day of Christmas my matchbox gave to meeeee.

Mini Matchbox Advent Calendar by *UnderTheWillowTree*, via Flickr

MiniObsi likes advent calendars – who wouldn’t really…. but the choc they use in the cheap ones is terrible, and I’m all about the reusable things… so I’m making…

Matchbox advent calendar. I could see this being used in other ways too. This blog is also great.

Just barely in time for the lovely month of December, I'd love to share an advent calendar project idea .

#winter #fashion / Grey Knit + Skinny Jeans + Brown Boots

#winter #fashion / Grey Knit + Skinny Jeans + Brown Boots

Tips for Taming a Slope

Switchback Sensation Connect two levels with a curving stairway that minimizes the severity of the slope. Drought-resistant groundcovers and succulents prevent erosion on steep grades and make the journey more interesting.