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Knitted wool sweater Blythe doll, spring style clothes outfit Blythe
a knitted doll with long blonde hair wearing a green sweater and brown booties
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a doll wearing glasses and a dress with stripes on the bottom is standing in front of a white background
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a doll with long black hair wearing a hat and holding a flower in her hand
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there are two crocheted shoes that have been made to look like they're wearing boots
crocheted slippers are being made using yarn and cottons to make them look like shoes
Os mais lindos sapatinhos para bebês feito em croche. Tem receitinha com gráfico. Aproveitem
the legs and leggings of a doll are made from crocheted yarn
the crocheted items are being worked on
crocheted baby booties and slippers are shown
Pink Lady Baby Booties Free Crochet Patterns
crocheted doll legs and feet wearing slippers
four photos of the legs and feet of a doll wearing blue crocheted leggings
there is a pink and white crochet crown on top of a lace doily
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