Blue Door Rd #2. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Blue Door, Santa Fe New Mexico. oohh I will have to go look for it.

painted doors of Valloria, Italy, Liguria, Riviera dei Fiori

Door in Valloria, Liguria, Italy. Valloria is a little village well known as "il paese delle porte dipinte" (the village with painted doors).


Ism't this trompe l'oeil door just amazing? A hand painted door in Valloria, Italy, a small city where artists have painted all the residential doors into unique and beautiful works of art!

door... Richmond-Steveston, British Columbia, Canada

Richmond-Steveston, British Columbia, Canada (very creative security door!

Stunning colors attracts the eye to this fish door in Vernazza, La Spezia, Italy.

art in Madeira, Portugal

The painted doors, windows and walls in Funchal - Madeira - Portugal