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This is so often how I feel when complimented. Not that compliments are never appreciated...but when a guy mindlessly blows past the fact that I'm an interesting individual for reasons having NOTHING to do with my beauty or "hotness" (god, I'm so bored with that adjective!) to divert the conversation we COULD be having to talk about my looks...that annoys the crap outta me!!!

Christina Yang// Grey's Anatomy// A compliment about beauty might hold good intentions, however beauty is not all a woman has to offer. A real compliment for a women-or anyone should have substance.

We should try and make these! @carly k. R @Abby Christine Dell'Aglio @Mikayla Carson Nelson @Christina & Rahimi

Funny pictures about The Best Gift For Any Dancer. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Gift For Any Dancer. Also, The Best Gift For Any Dancer photos.

Graffiti Art from the Heart compete with ventricles to PUMP the blood around as the heart is just an awesome PUMP ❤

This is pretty accurate from what my friend tells me... the woman, I can definitely say is true!

Funny pictures about The Difference Between Men And Women Explained By Friends. Oh, and cool pics about The Difference Between Men And Women Explained By Friends. Also, The Difference Between Men And Women Explained By Friends photos.

Glee rachel quinn

Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, I liked how their friendship evolved from Quinn hating Rachel to them becoming friendly towards each other

This is Glee......... sad that i learned about glee and i began to love it only after Cory died :(

This is Glee. I've been a gleek since glee started. It has changed my life in so many ways.

Remember dark n twisty Meredith? Now she's Medusa!!!!!!

Christina Yang and Meredith Grey, the twisted sisters, Grey's Anatomy.

Why cant anyone look at me like that... oh wait thats right, no one i know is SEXY ENOUGH

Will forever hope a guy looks at me like that

Grey's anatomy

Grey's anatomy-Christina Yang is my person in Grey's! My person.

Katniss and Peeta in the Hunger Games/ Josh and Jennifer

I started crying once I finished reading this. The impact Katniss and Peeta's relationship can have on the Hunger Games Fans.