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I yell this to every goner robot I see XD

“Make room—the saviors of *all* your sorry asses are coming through!” I like to think that after defeating Saren/Sovereign at the end of the Normandy crew throws a huge party where Shep and the.

"It's ok" I'm really fascinated in drell race (bcs of Thane, duh). And I'm glad that they made drell as playable race in ME3 multi... But why not in Andromeda :(

my hand slipped in some chibi/cute/whatever-like lil family. Fern and Kalot’s dad abandoned her wife for another woman. Their mom wasn’t left alone, had all the assitance from the Hanar she gives services. And Fern always been very attached to.

Oh my god. This is the truth now. Whoever thought of this should be a writer.

Ending Spoilers. "May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead." Quotes used from the goodbye scene with Garrus. Like many, Mass Effect 3 was an emotional roller coa.

Avoid Thresher Maws at All Costs by MechaBerry on deviantART (HA!)

Best part about was the severe lack of having to fight Thresher Maws. Avoid Thresher Maws at All Costs