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I will study you if I find you worth the time and effort. INTJ on tumblr - Savipra | savipra

E/INTJ who cares studies you if you if you are loyal in return.

Intj... I try to make sense of mine

INTJ's do have emotion. We just rarely show them because we don't understand them

This is scarily true... O_O <<< Even if I'm just using a butter knife for toast

All things related to INTJ and INTP, including the INTX thing series, INTX of the day, and INTX quotes. life hack: to see the rest of my pages, open.

This is why I hate when people pick me up to go somewhere. I need to drive myself or I freak out

Because that "you're not like other girls" noise is tired as hell.

Freshly baked meme for you

INTJs- If you do manage to get close to one you will see they can be very caring and even act like mother hen. Funny as they are full of paradoxes