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Throughout the ages, people died as a result of accusations of worshipping the Devil. But Satanism is a modern religious philosophy. What’s more, Satanists do not kidnap children or sacrifice animals. They even do not see Satan in a theistic way, as they are far from Christian theology and don’t believe in God. So what […]

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Folk bands rarely manage to create a truly mystical atmosphere in their songs. But there is a band, which does this perfectly and they are not as wildly recognized as they deserve to be. You likely heard them before, but don’t even realise it (read this article till the end to find out where). Percival […]

Modern world goes farther and farther back into its past instead of evolving. Or so the rapid growth of modern paganism (or neopaganism) may suggest, as it is one of the fastest growing religious movements in the world. It is an umbrella term for different nature and earth-based religions, spiritualities and philosophies, such as witchcraft […]

Winter Solstice, the shortest day with the longest night in the year just happened astronomically, at 4:48 GMT on December 22nd. This event has been celebrated since Neolithic times, marking a turn to the better during the famine months: finally, there will be more sun and soon the winter will pass and the nature will […]

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