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Can Tylenol Help Heal a Broken Heart? ~~~ Love activates the same neurological reward centers as cocaine, and losing love can feel like going through withdrawal after quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey. Hurt Heart, Healing A Broken Heart, Giving Up Smoking, Heart Illustration, Aesthetic Drawing, Modern Love, Love Can, Neuroscience, Best Relationship

"In research published in 2010, scientists found that acetaminophen can reduce physical and neural responses associated with the pain of social rejection, whether in romantic relationships, friendships or otherwise. So if you’re hurting from heartache, try popping some Tylenol." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

When a shared account is all that’s left of a relationship, the connection can both comfort and annoy. Love Articles, Essay Contests, True Love Stories, Love Film, Modern Love, Love Illustration, Romantic Love, Love Songs, Ny Times

"I wanted to be angry that he was still using my login — that he could still take from me after leaving me with nothing. But I couldn’t. This was my only connection to him, and changing my password would sever the last artery of this bleeding limb." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

2013 essay contests for homes Writing contests have less competition than random-draw sweepstakes. Enter to Win Essay Contests, Poetry Contests, and Other Writing Contests Share Poetry Contests, Writing Contests, Essay Contests, Balloon Illustration, Graphic Design Illustration, True Love Stories, Pink Balloons, Call My Mom, Small Moments

"I felt, more than ever before, the crushing burden of motherhood. We moms may feel closer to the source of all power that exists in the universe, but we are forced to endure the condescension of a society that acknowledges our role with pink balloons."(Illustration: Brian Rea)

A guide for having better relationships, culled from most popular Modern Love columns. True Love Stories, Love Story, Definition Of Insanity, Love Dating, Modern Love, Single Dating, Single Women, Best Relationship, Love Life

"Some say the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different outcome. While dating does make me feel crazy at times (when messaging with a sandwich, for instance), I keep at it in hopes that one day the outcome will be different." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

Putting Love to the Stress Test: When two self-described tech geeks slide into a relationship that seems too easy, they design a monthlong trial to expose its flaws. True Love Stories, Love Story, Narcissistic Men, Stress Tests, Essay Contests, Successful Relationships, Low Self Esteem, Modern Love, Reading Material

"Our ridiculous lack of differences worried me. My idea of a successful relationship had been that of a Venn diagram with a healthy intersection, not two mostly overlapping circles, and that the best match was one in which you complemented, not replicated, each other. Perhaps I was missing something." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

The actress Connie Britton reads the story of a woman’s challenges with a daughter adopted from China. True Love Stories, Love Story, New York Times, Ny Times, Connie Britton, Essay Contests, Young Life, Family Planning, Modern Love

The actress Connie Britton reads the story of a woman’s challenges with a daughter adopted from China. (Illustration: David Chelsea)

Jennifer Finney Boylan -- an accomplished writer, academic and activist -- reads her own essay about coming out as transgender to her two young sons. True Love Stories, Love Story, What Kind Of Man, Modern Love, The Other Side, Best Dad, Love And Marriage, Child Development, Ny Times

The transgender activist Jennifer Finney Boylan on navigating marriage and parenthood while transitioning from “Daddy” to “Maddy.” (Illustration: Christopher Silas Neal)

A widow contemplates letting go and holding on from behind the wheel of her husband’s vintage convertible. True Love Stories, Love Story, Michelle Rodriguez, Modern Love, Reading Material, Ny Times, Letting Go, Illustrators, Convertible

"Driving my Alfa Romeo reminds me that difficulty, per se, has never stopped me from pursuing something I think has true worth. Driving, I’m reminded that I, too, can shift gears, face risk, handle inconvenience — and survive tragedy. I re-experience the joy in all my senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and not exclusively vision, as dictated by our increasingly virtual world." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

After a casual encounter goes terribly wrong, a young woman retreats from love. True Love Stories, Love Story, New York Times, Ny Times, Gender Studies, All I Ever Wanted, Modern Love, Reading Material, Moving Forward

"I wanted to leave the rape far behind, as if it were a physical object. I did not yet know that you couldn’t shed rape like a cardigan, that it lives on inside of you, dark and slick and taking fresh forms just when you think you have exorcised it." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

When a gay son brings his boyfriend home to meet his parents, it leads to a misunderstanding that lasts for decades. True Love Stories, Love Story, New York Times, Ny Times, Long Time Coming, Someone Told Me, Modern Love, Parenting Styles, Best Relationship

“Your parents don’t mind that we sleep together?” “It doesn’t seem so, does it?” “So they know that you — we — are gay?” “They certainly do now,” I said. (Illustration: Brian Rea)

All Twisted Up by Gender Bending - A surprising realization about her ex’s new girlfriend makes a writer question what it means to be a woman. True Love Stories, Love Story, New York Times, Ny Times, Gender Roles, New Girlfriend, Genderqueer, Modern Love, Interesting Reads

"A queasy wave washed over me as I wondered: How could he choose someone so different from me? I was prepared for him to date other people, but I wasn’t prepared for her." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

Beautiful Non-fiction story: As her own marriage crumbles, a sister plays matchmaker for her divorced younger brother. She Left Me, Everything Stays, Cool Captions, Gifts For Photographers, Marriage Tips, Successful Marriage, Love Illustration, Photo Checks, Best Memories

"As soon as she left, I sent Charley an email telling him that I had just met the woman of his dreams and that he should move back, marry her and live happily ever after." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

The son of a gay father struggles with stereotypically masculine conversations and rituals. True Love Stories, Love Story, Shake Hands, Modern Love, Field Guide, Reading Material, Ny Times, Illustrators, Religion

"We removed our gloves and shook hands. Our hands were chilly and blocky, but we had put them to good use. Through them, we had communed and communicated. And our handshake, I sensed, had completed our conversation in the secret language of male intimacy, a language in which I am still struggling to gain fluency." (Illustration: Brian Rea)

For a young woman on the road, motorcycles meant autonomy and then togetherness. Love Essay, True Love Stories, Modern Love, Ride Or Die, New Love, Ny Times, Young Women, Graphic Illustration, Give It To Me

"This isn’t the part of the story when the woman overcomes her challenges and is rewarded with new love. It’s not the part when the rain washes away her fear or rinses off her grief. This is the part when the clouds part so briefly she might have imagined it, when the promise of light is made and then brutally withheld, when restoration begins to seem possible but is not yet realized. This isn’t the happy part of the story, but that’s O.K. This story isn’t finished." (Illustration: Brian…

By BENJAMIN HERTWIG An ex-soldier, rocked by infidelity, finds hope in a chance meeting with a mother and her young son. Published: March 2016 at from NYT Fashion & Style Article. Blue Icing, I Forgive You, True Love Stories, Praying To God, Waiting Rooms, Modern Love, Future Goals, Think Of Me, Activity Days

"In the months that followed, thinking of my ex-wife’s lover as that sweet boy’s father was somehow very helpful for me. I had held Catherine’s boy, felt the good weight of his body, and eventually I learned that it’s hard to hate a person when that person was a part of bringing something good into the world." Click to read more of this week's Modern Love column. (Illustration: Brian Rea)

The actress and Tony Award winner Patina Miller reads “Together Always, in Darkness and in Light,” about a woman navigating the challenges of love, marriage and building a family while going blind. Carl Jung, Going Blind, Best Authors, True Love Stories, Modern Love, Reading Material, I Love Books, Love And Marriage, Book Nerd

The actress and Tony Award winner Patina Miller reads “Together Always, in Darkness and in Light,” about a woman navigating the challenges of love, marriage and building a family while going blind. (Illustration: Brian Rea)