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I feel like this would be me but I would be ok with my child listening to weekend whip tbh😂

Kai is jealous of my swag !!! THEY HATING

Oh dear, Lloyd must have used his amazing laundry skills again


Sweet little Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, Green Ninja, Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. (That is his official title.) The other ninja are watching over him!

⚫#LEGONinjago #Ninjago #NinjagoRiseOfTheSerpentine #NinjagoSeason1 #MasterOfDestruction #NinjagoLordGarmadon #LordGarmadon #GreatDevourer #Ouroboros ⚫[ " Day of the Great Devourer " | Season 1, Episode 13 ] ⚫[ “ You are the reason, evil runs through my blood. You bit me once, now feel what it's like to be bitten back. Vengeance will be mine! „ ] #NinjagoQuote by Lord Garmadon ⚫My edit. I really hope you'll like it. Don't forget to give me credit, if you repost.

⚫ ⚫[ " Day of the Great Devourer "