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an orange and white cat sitting on top of a beige wall with japanese writing in the background
@alexisbenoy ♡
a pink heart with the words love is sour, love is sour grapes
Sour grapes
the girls are posing together in front of a pink wall with colorful designs on it
ପ( •̤ᴗ•̤ )੭⁾⁾
Pink, Mini Albums, Fearless, Photoshoot, Poster Wall, Girl Group
LE SSERAFIM | Good Parts
the words sour grapes written in white and pink hearts on a white background with water drops
le sserafim lockscreen
two hearts with the words love is sour grapes written on them and stars in the background
sour grapes lesserafim kpop subtle wallpaper wallpapers
Collage, Covergirl, Groups Poster, Kpop Girl Groups
FIM_YJ on Twitter
a pink background with the words loser lover written in black on it and an image of
an advertisement for some kind of fruit that is purple and green with the words sour grapes on it
Le Sserrafim's Sour Grapes Poster
an advertisement with the words we love cats on it and hearts in the air, surrounded by other symbols
the game is playing on the phone
newjeans - ditto
there is a cd that has many different things on the disc and it says new years
Newjeans cd
an advertisement for cookies on a plate
Made a little cookie Come and take a lookie
a person reaching for something in the water with their hand on it's surface
"hurt" title card
the words antromanic don't believe anymore in being romantic on a pink background
ᴛxᴛ ☆
a group of young men standing next to each other on top of a piece of paper
@ ₘₑₒwₘₐₜcₕₐ
the words moa are written in black and white on a white background with text below
some type of poster with different font styles
txt logos
a black and white photo with the word txt written in cursive writing