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a person holding a mason jar with some string attached to it and the words how to tie a mason jar
DIY Mason Jar Hanger - Step by Step Tutorial
How to Tie a Mason Jar to Hang [Video] | Mason jar crafts, Diy jar crafts, Mason jar hanger
several red plastic cups filled with plants and text overlay how to use grow lights for seeding
Using Grow Lights for Seedlings and Indoor Gardens
You can grow healthy seedlings and plants indoors, with some supplemental light. Learn about using grow lights, plus tips to make an inexpensive grow light shelving unit.
some shelves with plants and jars on them in a kitchen or dining room, hanging from the wall
14 Unique Indoor Garden Ideas To Revitalize Your Home
These planters are a good example of how you could use shelving to create a lit area. By using the bottom of one shelf for mounting lights or heat lamps, you can open up the possibility of growing plants that need more light.