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there is a small stream running through the mountains
— Kirkstone Pass, Lake District
an old stone bridge over a small stream in the middle of a town at night
The best walks in the Lake District
a lake surrounded by mountains and trees in the foreground with mist on the water
13 Best Things To Do In The Lake District
13 Best Things To Do In The Lake District
a small building sitting next to a river in the woods with a waterfall coming out of it
72 hours in the Lake District, England — Bronwyn Townsend
a woman standing on top of a large rock with the sun setting in the background
Visit Lake Tahoe | The Official Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority
two people walking up the side of a mountain with mountains in the backgroud
an autumn scene with pumpkins on the ground and lights hanging from trees in the foreground
two people sitting in hammocks on the water with trees around them and one person holding a rope
The Best Time To Visit Iceland (Breakdown By Month)
a woman hiking up the side of a snow covered mountain
there is a small table with a cup on it next to the window in the cabin
cozy train in winter
a woman sitting on top of a bed in a tent next to the ocean at night
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an aerial view of a city with tall buildings and cars on the street at dusk
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Feelin' Light Summer Night | via Tumblr