Lol I love the tan one, like “She had gorgeous biscotti eyes flecked with eggnog” idk why but describing colors as food is really funny to me

Well, coffee and language learning.... these things go hand in hand for me, without a doubt.

Have you ever wondered how people from around the world get their coffee fix? Here’s how to order coffee in popular world languages. великий и могучий русский язык

Wybrane witaminy - przykładowe produkty gdzie możecie je znaleźć, #witaminy #vitamins

Przepisy na pyszne i sprawdzone potrawy śledziowe

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Tense infographic present simple, past simple, future simple, past continuous, present continuous

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How Does London Vocabulary Compare With US English? A guide for fully understanding British TV. I actually knew most of these already! :) I feel very British now!

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The man in the earth. Easter Island, Stonehenge and La Mano in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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