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an image of some people with different faces and words in the middle one says, transstate from arabic
اللهم لك حتى يبلغ الحمد منتهاه
an advertisement with arabic writing on the front and side of it, which is also written in
5 اقتباسات عن الخيال
5 اقتباسات عن الخيال #صحيفةـمكة #انفوجرافيك #تطويرالذات
an image of people in the middle of a crowd with arabic writing on them and one person standing out from the crowd
an arabic cartoon is shown in black and white
an image of a person sitting on a couch in the dark
an image of two people standing in front of each other with the caption that reads,
an arabic cartoon with the caption that reads, exclaims in english and arabic
an arabic text is shown in red and black
an arabic book with pictures of different items and words in the middle one is written in two languages
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