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I noticed this. I used to pick my friends by what they said. But now I think it is more important to look at what they do (which can involve speaking lol). One friend comes downstairs to see what's wrong, and texts me for hours when I am upset. The other criticizes me a lot and ditches me when I am going through a hard time. They both say they are nice.... but only one is.

People lie, actions don’t.

HAPPINESS is...recognizing when you have become someone else..

I am not me anymore. That is the simple and plain truth. I am no longer that Dutch student who lived a boring life in the south of Holland. I am an Element of Nature, result of a botched experiment. I am a reanimated corpse.

Please!! I cant deal with it anymore. Why cant anyone understand me and dont leave me. I m alone and then they ask you why are you so unhappy.....because you werent there when I need you. Sometimes I ask myself if I have friends? Real friends??...and my answer is always no..

I cant deal with it anymore. Why cant anyone understand me and dont leave me. I'm alone and then they ask you why are you so unhappy.because you weren't there when I need you.

Yeah Mom. You Can't Hide It Anymore. I'm Not As Stupid As Most People Think. Just Cause I'm Shy And A Dork Doesn't Mean I Don't Have A Brain. I Know You Want To Leave. I Know You And Dad Are Fighting. I Know You Think There's Something Wrong With Us, And I Know You Hate Your Life. I Know You Don't Hate Us But It Feels Like It Sometimes. And I AM Trying To Help You! But You Know What? Don't Lie To My Face. That Just Hurts And Angers Me. And This Isn't All About You Ya Know. I'm A Part Of Your…

I hate being lied straight to my face when I know every bit of the truth

Loved the good times but hate the bad. We aren't meant to be though so here's to letting go and never knowing what could have been

LOVE-HATE I dun hate you I love you But loving you is killing me So this is goodbye even if I dun want it to be -Nikita Gill

I think this would make a bad ass tattoo... She's cute.

On my way, Lailah and her secret garden by LupeFlores

Artificial Beauty Standards by on @deviantART

"Artificial Beauty Standards" , made by: Lithium-Tears aka Christina Dee - (Marionette)

Some creepy artworks -

Monster Kitty Art Print by Lenka Simeckova

Amazing Illustrations by Sai

a skeleton girl.mabye she cant fit in since she ahs no skin,ornags or brain like everyone else but manages to dress her self will and take other girls heads,using them as balloons.

Instagram photo by thepolishedokie #nail #nails #nailart

Grey base is the gorgeous "Lincoln Road" by squarehue. For the dots, I used chinaglaze "Concrete Catwalk" (dark grey)