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a clock with different languages and numbers on it
File sharing and storage made simple
the collage shows different types of doughnuts and other desserts with text overlay that reads 15 toddler recipes to make together
15 Amazing Recipes for Toddlers
15 Toddler Recipes to Make Together - Cooking with toddlers can be fun and educational. Here are some easy recipes to make with kids that have all been kid tested and approved!
an older man is helping a young boy to put something in the kitchen drawer on the counter
celebrate the boy… with help from grandpa
Adjustable "Fun Pod" allows toddlers to see what is happening at counter height without risk of falling off stool. Good idea!
a wooden wheel with different colors and words on it next to some crayons
Color Wheel Teaching kids colors and fine motor skills - Craftionary
Colour Wheel (Teaching kids colors) DO THIS!!! Teach how to make the colours
a person holding a red pencil in their left hand and the other hand has a yellow tip on it
Fall Workshops: Fine Motor Fun
Easy way to teach proper pencil grasp using a clothspin
the words can't be made out of legos are displayed on an iphone screen
Build a Sight Word (plus recording sheet)
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.K.2.D Spell simple words phonetically, drawing on knowledge of sound-letter relationships.