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Norbert Wicinski
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This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

Freshly baked meme for you

Results of the Best Photo of the Year 2014 by Supertrooper

This is beautiful ( Elephants love reunions. They recognize one another after years and years of separation and greet each other with wild, boisterous joy. There’s bellowing and trumpeting, ear flapping and rubbing.


A Blue Fairy Wren and his girlfriends. I have two gorgeous little Blue Fairy Wren boys living outside my flat, and I adore them. I named them Bill and Ben :) And I named my starting business after them :)



Birds in Thailand: Wreathed hornbill

Wreathed hornbill One of the world's strangest birds

The Stylish Gypsy

Pigeon Nicobar Feathers are on point

Great Hornbill Male

Great Indian Hornbill Male (I built a Wire & Plaster Model of this Bird in…

JanetK.Design Free digital vintage stuff

A beautiful child in this vintage photo.

The cutest friendship ever... #Pets #Birds #Animals #Friends #Friendship #Cute

The cutest friendship ever... #Pets #Birds #Animals #Friends #Friendship #Cute

Jake Olson

My Newest Photoshop Action Detail Brush is finally here and it's free with purchase of my latest tutorial Jake Olson Masterclass! For details visit Jake Olson Webinars through this link!