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two cell phones side by side with the same color scheme on each phone screen and the other
7 examples of playful weather app UIs
a calendar is being held up in front of a blue and white background with bubbles
Date picker Onbio app
Date picker Onbio app by Alan on Dribbble
the back side of a phone with an image of mountains in the background and text that reads thanks for watching
Oak Meditation
Oak Meditation is an available mobile app that helps you achieve mindfulness thorugh a series of meditation and breathing exercises
two screens showing different weather conditions in the night and on the day, each with an alarm clock
Marline 2 QuickView
Marline 2.0 is out and the major new feature is check 7 days forecast. To access just swipe and scroll. Also included: - 24/12 clock - New Weather API (super precise) - Added falling stars! - H...
a mobile phone screen with an image of a hot air balloon in the sky above it
Daily UI 001 - Sign Up page
three screens showing different time zones on the same screen, one is purple and one is white
#23 | Countdown | .sketch
an app on the side of a cell phone with water and waves in the background
Day 14 - Countdown Timer
Day 14 - Countdown Timer by Carl Hauser
a white and pink cvn with a man's face on it
Profile Card UI
the app is designed to look like it has an image of a dog on it
UI Interactions of the week #21
an advertisement for the mobile phone with chinese writing and symbols on it's screen
a pink and blue blurry background with a sign in the center that says login
Glass morphism web design
three different white square shapes with the names neumorphism on them,
Neumorphism by sonal shah for Quovantis on Dribbble
an image of a white square with arrows pointing to it
Neumorphism with Animation