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someone is stitching something with crochet
Фото 896648865123 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Роскошное ирландское кружево. в ОК
a white piece of art that is on the ground and has some flowers in it
a crocheted piece of cloth on top of a towel with two leaves attached to it
a blue crocheted brooch with flowers and leaves in the center on a white background
Вязальный марафон. | OK.RU
crocheted doily with scissors and ball of yarn
two pieces of crocheted fabric with buttons in the shape of an ornament
a crocheted object is shown with scissors on the floor next to it and an m
two crocheted leaves are in the palm of someone's hand, one is pink and one is white
crocheted doily is shown with instructions to make it look like hexagonals
Вязание крючком .
Вязаное платье *Солнышко* крючком - МК #crochetideas #knittingideas #crochetdesign
two pictures with different designs on them and the same one has been made from crochet
pink and gold embroidered applique on blue background with small flowers in the center