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;n; so sweet. (gif) Can't. Stop. Watching. So. Amazing. I ship them so hard!

I ship them so hard!<<<--Never even saw the Homestuck show or something but I still ship it. The side effects of Second Hand Fandom<<<"saw the homestuck show".

"I don’t know what is his affiliation, truly, to the University of What It Is. Perhaps I will never know, but I can know about the taste of food he has made me, or the feeling of his hand in mine, or the absence of his hand not in mine. I can feel the distance between us, and I can know that that distance, viewed properly, is no distance at all." ~55: UoWII; Night Vale, Cecilos

If you don't ship cecilos you're wrong.>>>> I'm pinning this because yes, I ship it, literally all I post is Cecilos Nightvale things, and because I have always imagined Cecil having moving tattoos like this

This has got to be the coolest thing ive ever seen!!!!!!!! Well, besides dave.....

This would be an awesome lock screen option! However everyone would have access to my phone < TG: (dont worry i wont stand around fangirling over these ones) TG: (well maybe for a second) TG: (lookit that one)

Oh! A spare cigarette holder. Sn0wy, you’re so sly. midnight crew and Sn0wman loool its even funnier when you remember where this is from

A spare cigarette holder. you’re so sly. midnight crew and loool its even funnier when you remember where this is from< heh