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after by Haszczu

after by Haszczu

Based on the new Toyota Land Cruiser GXL, the Super Tourer from Australia’s Patriot Campers is made to traverse any road, trail or path. The list of off-road upgrades include an EFS suspension upgrade to Patriot Supertourer body, ROH wheels.

Cross country comfort taken to the extreme with Patriot Campers Built for comfort and built to conquer, go anywhere with this modified tourer.

Based on a very capable offroad platform with turbo diesel power, the has been taken by Patriot Campers to a whole new level in style.

Dragon's Lair Step by step Breakdown by Raphael-Lacoste

Dragon's Lair Step by step Breakdown by Raphael-Lacoste on DeviantArt

Who needs fuel? Tang Zhengping in his 'wind-powered' vehicle, which measures 1m high and 3m long and took three months to build

A farmer from Beijing has created a 'wind-powered' vehicle that can reach speeds of The vehicle boasts batteries and electric generators, a fan in the front and two 'solar energy wings' on the back to support electricity generation.

Come on *burp* Morty, you can ugghh take ‘em. Just, just use your fists *burp* Morty.

Bark Wanderer of New Bedford ran aground on the rocks off Cuttyhunk in This was the last wooden ship to set sail on a whaling voyage, which ended rather spectacularly with this storm not even two days into the cruise. Scan from Albert Cook.

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